Herd’s Sustainability Values

  • We promote a re-connection to and respect for nature through our production practices and often through the content of our work.
  • We emphasize the importance of community-specific and local theatre to discourage unnecessary travel for artistic fulfillment.
  • We personally strive to live low-waste, plant-based lifestyles and model these practices on stage to normalize them for audiences. 
  • We replace wasteful objects of status with sustainable alternatives.
  • We recognize that sustainability is a necessity for human survival and a tool to encourage social equity. 

Herd’s Sustainability Practices 

    • We use electronic scripts whenever possible and print necessary copies on recycled paper.
    • We encourage virtual design meetings to cut down on travel emissions.
    • We do not waste paper through the printing of promotional materials, playbills, or tickets. 
    • We do not sell merchandize or concessions with single use or individual packaging.
    • We use exclusively LED lighting and limit energy expenditure whenever possible.
    • We never use hydraulics, aerosols, Styrofoam, or other notoriously damaging or wasteful production techniques.
    • We use only cruelty-free makeup and hair products.
    • We exclusively rent or purchase second-use props and costumes.
    • We send all costumes that cannot be reused to textile recycling plants to be repurposed.
    • We construct our scenery from scrap, recycled, or reused materials.
    • We use only vegan consumables and avoid individual packaging.

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