Trout Stanley

An adventure of LOVE AND loneliness in the wilderness. by Claudia Dey, performed in your living room.

When we are allowed to gather again, Herd will be proud to bring Claudia Dey’s eccentric & captivating tale, Trout Stanley, into the homes of New Yorkers. This offbeat, rustic, dark comedy weaves a whimsical 5-course meal, catered by Veggie Mom Club & Spooning with Sara, into the threads of the story. Trout Stanley makes for an evening that nourishes the weariest of wanderers and transforms the loneliest of travelers into friends. 

“Described by Variety as ‘Yukon Gothic,’ Claudia Dey’s acclaimed play Trout Stanley is set on the outskirts of a mining town between Misery Junction and Grizzly Alley. In this inhospitable setting live a pair of sisters, twins who are not identical in any way: Sugar, a complicated, insecure waif who still wears the tracksuit her mother died in ten years prior, and Grace, a rough-and-tumble hellcat who owns the local dump. At the play’s opening, it is their thirtieth birthday, and the TV news has announced the disappearance of a local Scrabble-champ stripper. While Grace is at the dump, housebound Sugar is surprised by a mysterious drifter, one Trout Stanley, foot fetishist and fake cop, who is searching for the lake where his parents drowned – a fishy story if there ever was one. His swift ensuing entanglement with the sisters leaves them all questioning who they can trust, and sorting out the differences between affliction and affection.

These are some of the people we collaborated with to make this show happen.